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Štrige and štrigoni

Štrige and štrigoni are people with supernatural powers and are still present in the beings of older Istrian people. Today, they are not talked about as much as 50 years ago, but there are numerous folktales about them. These tales say that Štrige and štrigoni were not mythical creatures but ordinary women and men who possessed special innate or learned evil powers. According to tradition, Štrige and štrigoni are born in a black placenta-like membrane, which is sewn under their armpits. If they lose this membrane, they lose their special powers.


Characteristics of Štrige


Štrige did not differ much in appearance from other creatures, although some sources mention that in certain places, Štrige had tails. They always met at crossroads, specifically between eleven in the evening and midnight. Their activities can be divided into three categories: fighting among themselves, causing harm to people, and engaging in eternal battles with their adversaries - the kresniki. Kresniki are men with supernatural powers, protectors of humans and animals, who fight against evil. Folktales also say that Štrige, like kresniki, could transform into various animal forms or into the wind.


People were very afraid of them, especially children, as Štrige were believed to cause illnesses such as headaches, mental and physical deterioration, death, and even harm to domestic animals.

How to defend against?

In the tradition, numerous ways of defending against Štrige have been preserved: people hung Solomon's crosses on their doors, turned their clothes inside out and burned them, displayed horns... They also believed that they could protect themselves from them by throwing a little stone over their shoulder at a crossroads.

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