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Skupinsko odkrivanje dežele Histrov

An adventure in the lands of the Histri

An adventure in the lands of the Histri is a journey through prehistory. You’ll spend a playful afternoon in the countryside, learning about Histrian ways of life. Visitors will use a map of Histrian lands in combination with hints to solve themed puzzles and follow in the footsteps of the Histri!


What do I need and how does it work?

To motivate our younger visitors, the route is themed around the search for Kašlerski Gonič – whose identity the children won't know, but whose marks are left behind in clay imprints. Children will collect clay tokens bearing the image of Kašlerski Gonič, search for hints, and ultimately solve the riddle of who he is!

This prehistoric adventure will:

  • Reveal the secrets of ancient Histri sailors.

  • Awaken the adventurer inside you.

  • Encourage you to observe the natural world.

  • Reveal the secrets of the waters of Istria.

  • Introduce you to the first pirates to inhabit our lands.

  • Demonstrate that games don’t have to be competitive!

  • Reward you with a board game for completing all our challenges.

Who is the target audience?


The path is extremely educational and is presented as an interpretive trail, where it is important to both read the information provided and observe the world around you. Children will find out about the history of the Histri and learn how to search for information themselves.


The experience is suitable for private groups of mixed ages. Private events for companies are also available upon request.


Once a year the route is brought to life for families and individuals. The next event is planned for October 2021.

Zabavno odkrivanje zgodovine Histrov
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