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GoatQuest: a family adventure

We’d bet you don’t know:

  • How to protect yourself against štrige (Istrian witches)

  • Who makes their home in a hundred-year oak

  • Which birds are native to Slovenian Istra

  • Why it’s worth embracing your inner pig

  • And so much more!


An adventure for the brave and the curious

GoatQuest is a playful walk through the Koper countryside. Families make use of our Story Map to complete the quest and learn about local stories, myths, and legends.

Vesela punčka

On GoatQuest you will:

  • Search for hints to complete the quest.

  • Learn about Istriana goats and pay them a visit.

  • Rest beneath a legendary oak tree and reflect on local superstitions.

  • Have a go assembling some Istrian building blocks and constructing a typical Istrian stone dry wall.

  • Identify the scent of truffles.

  • Test yourself with Istrian challenges.

  • Protect yourself against the witches that Istrians call štrige.

  • Gaze across the Gulf of Trieste as far as the Alps – provided clouds don’t get in your way!

  • Relax with a traditional Istrian marenda , which will of course include products made of goat milk.

  • Enjoy a well-earned reward for completing the quest!


GoatQuest for families includes:

  • A Story Map

  • Real Istrian challenges

  • A bottle of essence of truffles – the most valuable mushrooms in the world!

  • Hints to help you solve our quiz.

  • A chance to meet some goats

  • Further details about the stories you’ll hear

  • A well-earned ice cream once you’re done!

  • A traditional Istrian marenda, including products made of goat milk – provided the goats are in a sharing mood!

Istrian marenda

Marenda is an Istrian term for a light meal eaten in during work or  afternoon – enough to keep you going, but not so much that you feel too full to keep working! A marenda is often accompanied by a glass of wine. Your marenda will include:​

  • Cow and goat cheese

  • Asparagus frittata

  • Fresh home-grown vegetables

  • Kroštole – a type of Istrian pastry

  • A glass of homemade refošk wine

  • A glass of homemade juice

Istrska malica marenda

Choose the package that’s right for your family

Getting started

We’ll take care of guiding you around the countryside through our Story Map, presented by Histra the goat! The path is 1.5km long. Including activities along the path and animal viewing, it takes at least one and a half hours. The path follows a paved local road and a stone path through a forest.



The path begins in the village of Truške. GoatQuest can be booked online or at Hiške Slovenske Istre. 


We recommend bringing what you’d need for a light hike:

  • Walking shoes

  • A hat

  • A water bottle

Družina v naravi

How it works

Self-guided tours allow you to set out on a journey of discovery on your own or in the company of your loved ones. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled detailed instructions, researched and recorded local folktales, and logged your route in a mobile app. We’ve also added a few challenges along the way, to make the journey even more fun. All that’s left is for you to experience it!

Samo vodene dogodivščine

Who it’s for

Our tours are journeys of discovery, and they’re therefore appropriate for everyone guided by a sense of curiosity. The family adventure is aimed at children between 3 and 12 years old. Young and old alike will experience the local myths, legends, and natural gifts of Slovenian Istria!

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