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Who it’s for

The curious, the playful, the adventurous, and the active.

For those, who want to learn all about local myths, legends, and superstitions.

We think the journey is more important than the destination. That’s why we’ve designed our routes to convey stories unique to our lands, giving the journey a sense of magic that spurs the imagination and gives you the historical and natural context you need to understand what you see – and, of course, makes the whole experience that much more fun!

For those, who want to combine a lazy day at the beach with a proper adventure.

Never mind that the band Zmelkoow called it the meaning of life, lazing around on the beach hasn’t been the be-all end-all of summer vacations for some time! :) Vacations are important – but so is taking the opportunity to learn about new peoples, cultures, and customs.

Join us, and you’ll soon find out how little you actually know about our corner of Istria.

For those, who hate boredom and guidebooks alike.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to take exploration into their own hands, this is the tour for you. This is the kind of unique adventure that gives rise to unscripted experiences.

We’ll show you the way and the stories we’ve collected, passed down through generations in oral or written form – but the experience itself is yours alone, be it a close-up meeting with a dragonfly or the discovery of a cave which some say is home to the devil and others call sacred.

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