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Winged cat challenge

Playful family guide of historical Koper

Experience the stories, myths, and legends of Venetian Koper in this unforgettable family adventure.

With the Winged Cat by your side, you’ll:

-explore the sights,

-seek out a magic spell,

save the city and

-collect your ice cream reward!

Pretorska palača Koper Istra

Designed for families

The Winged Cat Quest is an interactive guide designed to immerse families in the world of Koper. Let the city’s myths and legends introduce you to Koper’s rich architectural legacy and learn about everyday life in the time of the Venetian Republic!

Kaj početi v Kopru

On your journey with the Winged Cat you’ll:

  • Accept a heroic quest to locate the magic spell that protects Koper from the Greek Medusa​

  • Learn about the lions, eagles, dragons, and other beasts adorning the facades of Koper’s buildings

  • Design your own noble coat of arms

  • Find out where games of chance were played in Venetian times​

  • Hold in your hands the very first map of Koper​

  • Discover the city’s architectural legacy through fun activities​​

  • Test your skills of orientation​​

  • Collect stickers​​

  • Cast a spell​​

  • Enjoy a well-earned reward!

The adventure features:

  • A call to action, to complete the quest and save Koper!


  • A guide to the city’s sights and secrets​​​​


  • The first map of Koper (dated 1619)​

  • Stickers of the city’s sights and wildlife​​​​​

  • 100% guaranteed protection against petrification

  • A medal to commemorate your bravery


  • And the final reward—ice cream!

You can choose from following languages:
Dogodivščina Krilati muc
Zemljevid Koper

Choose the package that’s right for your family


The challenge is available for all family sizes. Whether you have one, two, or more children, you can always customize your challenge during purchase.

Kids Playing

This adventure is perfect for:

  • Younger children who enjoy stickers​​

  • Primary school children who enjoy solving puzzles and playing the hero​​

  • Those who are young at heart and have an interest in myths, legends, and local folklore

  • ​The curious, who like to find what they’re looking for

  • ​The brave, who aren’t afraid of a few historical curses​​

  • And those knowledge-seekers who like to learn about the cultural heritage and history!

Getting started

Order your package

We will deliver it to your home

or to a pickup location in Koper.

Nasmešek pri dogodivščini

Your adventure

can now begin.

The path

The path is 1.2km long and takes approximately one to two hours, factoring in the time to solve our puzzles. It leads through Koper’s old city center and is accessible for wheelchairs and prams.


There’s no time limits here – the important things are courage and a willingness to help the Winged Cate save Koper! The quest can be completed quickly, by hurrying from point to point, or more slowly, by taking the time to enjoy all the available stories and pay attention to the details.​

Zemljevid Koper

Order your adventure!

Experience an extraordinary adventure for you and your family!

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