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Discover Slovenian Istria through the medium of play.

We offer experiences for everyone who has – or would like to discover – a sense of playfulness. Our self-guided adventures introduce you to the history and culture of our lands through local stories, myths, and legends.

Choose your adventure!

družina z manjšimi otroci

Winged CatQuest

Experience the stories, myths, and legends of Venetian Koper in this unforgettable family adventure.

With the Winged Cat by your side, you’ll explore the sights, seek out a magic spell, save the city and

collect your reward!


Set out on a journey with a goat for a guide and discover the hidden gems of the countryside around Koper—places you won’t find in guidebooks or marked on tourist maps. The route is conceived as a riddle, and its purpose is to take you off the beaten track, past vineyards and olive groves, and introduce you to local myths and legends.

How the self-guided tours work?

Self-guided tours allow you to set out on a journey of discovery on your own or in the company of your loved ones. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled detailed instructions, researched and recorded local folktales, and logged your route in a mobile app. We’ve also added a few challenges along the way, to make the journey even more fun. All that’s left is for you to experience it!

Samo vodene ture

Who the tours are for?

Our tours are journeys of discovery, and they’re therefore appropriate for everyone guided by a sense of curiosity. For people, young and old, who want to learn about local myths, legends, and superstitions. For people who want to combine their lazy days on the beach with unique experiences. For people who hate boredom and have no time for guidebooks. In other words – they’re for goats, and not for sheep!

Raziskovanje Slovenske Istre

Spoznajte slovensko Istro skozi igro.

Otroška igra
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