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Who were the Histri?

The Histri were an ancient people who lived along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and deep within the peninsula. Their history dates back to the late Bronze Age, and although researchers have tried to uncover their origin, some details remain a mystery.

One of the main characteristics of the Histri was their strong connection to the sea. They were skilled sailors and fishermen, as well as traders. Their navigation skills were exceptional, enabling successful piracy and trade with other maritime cultures.

The Histri had a rich culture and life. However, they often found themselves in conflict with the Greeks and Romans, who sought to expand their territory along the Adriatic coast. In 221 BCE, the Romans launched a war campaign against the Histri, leading to the gradual Roman occupation of their land. After numerous punitive expeditions, the Romans established a new colony, Aquileia (Oglej), to control the region.

Throughout history, the Histri played an important role. They are known for their involvement in myths, such as the legend of the Argonauts and Medea. They also left a mark in trade, bringing significant goods, including zinc and amber, to the northern Adriatic region for commerce.

Although their story remains partially unclear, archaeological findings and evidence of their presence can be found throughout Istria. Interestingly, their culture combined elements of Venetian and Etruscan origins, indicating a rich and diverse past for this people.

Today, numerous archaeological sites in Istria testify to the lives of the Histri. One of these places is the archaeological location of Nezakcij, known today as Vizače, where their main settlements once stood.

If you are interested in the mysterious history of the people who once inhabited this picturesque region, I invite you to explore the remnants of the Histri in Istria. Discovering their legacy can bring us closer to understanding the lost people and their influence on the culture and heritage of this enchanting region.

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