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Boat trip along the Slovenian coast

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The Slovenian coast, although small, hides great charms that can best be discovered with a boat trip. You probbaly had the opportunity to visit picturesque coastal fishing villages, such as charming Piran, Izola or historic Koper.

And although traveling through Slovenian Istria does not offer charming beaches, the view from the sea is something that is undoubtedly a completely different experience. Anyone who has seen these cities from the sea side will be able to tell you that the places look completely different from the sea side.

This is exactly why we wanted to collect some of the possibilities offered by the Slovenian coast when we talk about these kinds of experiences.

Town hopping

First, of course, it is necessary to mention this year's new acquisition. Until September 3rd, we can drive between the cities of Slovenian Istria with the ship Zlatoperka. It can accommodate up to 70 passengers and ten bicycles, but be careful, bicycles places are unfortunately "first come, first served". The ship sails between Piran and Ankaran, and the ticket price varies between 2-5 Eur. You can find the schedule here: https ://

All boats in the Zlatoperka fleet can take you at any time:

A boat trip along the Slovenian coast

From Izola you can go on a panoramic trip with the ship Jež, which offers both excursions and fish picnics (, while the Svetka ship is waiting for you in Portorož ( In Piran you have a very special boat that will be gold to children's eyes, as you can see the underwater world from it (https://www.

We heard good things about the trip where you can see dolphins, your trip along the Slovenian coast can also include salt flats . The boat with which you can see the Sečoveljske soline is Solinarka (

For those who like to feel the wind in their sails, a sailing boat can take you along the Slovenian coast. They are waiting for you every Wednesday from 16:00-20:00 in Portorož or by appointment at other times ( You can book a one-day trip to the "White Rocks", which we have heard good things about here: https://aliceinwaterland. eu/.

These are just a few ideas for a boat trip along the Slovenian coast. We will continue to monitor the offer and add them to this site on the fly.

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