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GoatQuest: an adventure in the countryside of Koper

The Goat Challenge is intended for all those who are curious and want more from a trip than tourist guides offer. Therefore, on the trip you will learn almost forgotten folk tales and devils, see how they lived in ancient times and participate in Istrian challenges for young and old. Along the way, we also enjoyed the views, fresh air and hidden corners of the Koper countryside.


An adventure for all ages

No matter your age, size, or physical endurance, we have the tour for you – from family-friendly walks to relaxed, recreational outings and proper athletic challenges.


On GoatQuest you will:

  • Learn about Istriana goats – and if you’re persistent enough, perhaps even see one!

  • Rest beneath a legendary oak tree and reflect on local superstitions

  • Have a go assembling some Istrian building blocks and constructing a typical Istrian stone dry wall.

  • See traditional Istrian stone houses.

  • Learn under which trees you’re most likely to find truffles.

  • Challenge the devil himself – recommended only for the bravest of hearts!

  • Protect yourself against the witches that Istrians call štrige.

  • Learn all you like about grape vines and olive trees, with optional visits to vineyards and olive groves.

  • Gaze across the Gulf of Trieste as far as the Alps – provided clouds don’t get in your way!

  • Relax with a traditional Istrian light lunch, which will of course include products made of goat milk.


GoatQuest includes:

  • GPS directions, so you’ll always know where you are and where to turn next

  • A Story Map

  • Further details about the stories you’ll hear

  • Real Istrian challenges

  • A break with snacks

  • Markers on the path, which will help you complete the quest!

  • A traditional Istrian light lunch, including products made of goat milk – provided the goats are in a sharing mood!


Optional add-ons include:

  • An olive grove tour, including a degustation of home-made olive oils (requires advance booking and an additional charge)

  • A wine cellar tour, including wine tasting (requires advance booking and an additional charge)

  • A tour of the ethnographic museum (additional €1.50 per person)


Choose the package that meets your needs

Getting started

We’ll supply everything you need to guide yourself around the countryside, with digital navigation or, in the case of the family adventure, with a printed map. Points of interest will be marked with a sign bearing the image of the goat Histra. The route in full is 33km in length with an elevation gain of 605m. It is mostly comprised of paved side roads, as well as a few cycling paths. How you choose to travel is up to you. We recommend cycling – it’s good for the body and for the environment!

The family adventure takes place on a special walking trail, 1.5km in length and with content designed for children.

For hardened adventurers – bicycles

For experienced cyclists, we recommend experiencing the tour by bike.

For slightly less hardened adventurers – electric bicycles

For those of you who are athletes at heart, but whose favourite aspect of sport is the wind in your hair, we recommend electric bikes.

For families – car/bus/walking

Because families may comprise both older and younger members, we’ve set the route up so that you may arrive by car or bus, then walk the specially designated family route, where you will be guided by our Story Map. Children are rewarded with ice cream for completing the quest!

Young Family

How it works

Self-guided tours allow you to set out on a journey of discovery on your own or in the company of your loved ones. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled detailed instructions, researched and recorded local folktales, and logged your route in a mobile app. We’ve also added a few challenges along the way, to make the journey even more fun. All that’s left is for you to experience it!


Who it’s for

Our tours are journeys of discovery, and they’re therefore appropriate for everyone guided by a sense of curiosity. For people, young and old, who want to learn about local myths, legends, and superstitions. For people who want to combine their lazy days on the beach with unique experiences. For people who hate boredom and have no time for guidebooks. In other words—they’re for goats, and not for sheep!

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