GoatQuest: a cycling adventure

The GoatQuest cycling adventure through the Koper countryside is aimed at people with a sense of curiosity who want more from their holiday than what’s on offer in the standard guidebooks. On this tour you’ll learn about all-but-vanished folklore and superstition, see how people used to live in the area, and take part in Istrian challenges for young and old alike – and you’ll do it all while enjoying the gorgeous vistas, fresh air, and hidden gems of the Koper countryside.

Physical endurance isn’t required, since you can choose between bringing your own bike or renting one of our electric bikes.


An adventure for the active, the playful, and the curious

GoatQuest is a trip you embark in with your friends and your bicycle. We take care of guiding you through the most beautiful parts of the Koper countryside, pointing out local folk tales as we go, all while you complete the quest we’ve set you.


On GoatQuest you will:

  • Search for hints to complete the quest

  • Learn about Istriana goats – and if you’re persistent enough, perhaps even see one!

  • Rest beneath a legendary oak tree and reflect on local superstitions

  • Have a go assembling some Istrian building blocks and constructing a typical Istrian stone dry wall.

  • Identify the scent of truffles.

  • Test yourself with Istrian challenges.

  • Protect yourself against the witches that Istrians call štrige.

  • Learn all you like about grape vines and olive trees, with optional visits to vineyards and olive groves.

  • Gaze across the Gulf of Trieste as far as the Alps – provided clouds don’t get in your way!

  • Relax with a traditional Istrian marenda, which will of course include products made of goat milk.


GoatQuest for cyclists includes:

  • GPS directions, so you’ll always know where you are and where to turn next.

  • A brochure, to enlighten and entertain.

  • Stories, myths, and legends.

  • Real Istrian challenges.

  • Markers on the path, which will help you complete the quest!

  • A traditional Istrian marenda, including products made of goat milk – provided the goats are in a sharing mood!


Optional add-ons include:

  • An olive grove tour, including a degustation of home-made olive oils (requires advance booking and an additional charge)

  • A wine cellar tour, including wine tasting (requires advance booking and an additional charge)

  • A tour of the ethnographic museum (additional €1.50 per person, advance booking not necessary)


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